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Author Friday!!

Happy Author Friday from Universal!! SQUEEE!!

Today we have a WONDERFUL author, that I have come to absolutely adore...


Isn't she a cutie?! Ok, over my is her interview...

1)When was your first book published?

My first work, End of the Line, came to life for the world to see March 2nd 2009 when I was a freshman in college. However I wrote it when I was fifteen or sixteen years old in High School, and it is based off a nightmare I had on and off for years.

2) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Oh god, um on and off for years. I found a journal not too long ago from my third or fourth grade class my teacher made the class keep. I can still remember not really sure what I was suppose to be writing so I just rambling on about this story that was in my head, about some girl named Mississippi. I to this day could not fully tell you what I was thinking when I wrote that. In middle school it was periodic when I started, more of something that was on my mind of an idea. Started with a remake of Rapunzel, which is one of my favorite fairy tales growing up. However I had this weird dream my freshman year in high school (apparently dreams can be good muses!), which happened to be in mute, go figure, I could not get the dream out of my head. I started writing it and my friends at the time read it as I went along. I absolutely loved the characters and Project US (the story) just really started the idea of many. I think I just made a short question into a long babble feast, but for me writing has been a way to let out imagination and work out dreams more then a ‘this will be my career’! I want to write for the rest of my life, I want to publish hopeful for years to become, but the idea of writing is not a career to me, but something bigger and more fulfilling especially for my sanity!

3) What is the hardest part about being a writer?

GRAMMAR! What a vile word that fully deserves the caps! Grammar and I do not get a long what so ever, mortal enemies! I’m missing that computer chip in my head to help process it. Of course writer’s block is in alliances with Grammar, together they are a powerful army to try to conquer my mind! However my mind is able to surpass this grand force more times to at least get stories done.

4) What inspires you?

What inspires me? Hm, I would say a few things music seriously helps me get started. Sometimes real situations in life help inspire me, or even actual people in my life just spark something. If I’m having writers block two movies help to kick some gears into work a little, Alex and Emma along with Shakespeare in Love. Sometimes reading itself gets me into the mood to write. Also procrastination on whatever homework I have help inspires me to write, sometimes my mind is in the best creative mood during when I should not be writing. So I’ll make notes and try to go back to the story later on.

5) How many books have you written?

Well, I have one published and one that will be published in May, so I guess one and a half? Although, I’ve started around or probably above thirty stories, so prepare to keep an eye out for more to come! They are all young adult stories, but I try to have a few kind of different genres in the mix to keep everyone interested because I know I like to read diverse stuff, along with write it so may others.

6) Tell me a little about your current WIP. (Work In Progress)

Okay so I’ll try to keep this answer shorter then some of the other answers I have been giving. As mentioned in the previous question I have many stories started, but I mentioned to Jessica that I have another book coming out in the spring and she asked if I minded sharing about it here. I love talking about my writing, I’m open to talking to people, and if you check out my blog I’m pretty good about sharing what is going on it if you keep an eye out…

However the one coming out in the spring is called Family Ties. The book is about understanding one’s family history and watching what you wish for. Abby is having a rough summer, waitressing at a snobby restaurant, her best friend Cory is being an idiot, and getting kidnapped on her way home from work!

7) What is your favorite genre to read?

I mostly like to read Young Adult. I like the character development better with this genre, along with the plots seem more interesting. However I do like Dan Brown’s writing, my mom and I share his books along with some of V.C. Andrews’ works. However I will admit I have given in to a couple Romance novels for after a semester ends and I just need something mindless to gain an attention span from all the reading I do in a semester. I love Shakespeare also, even though I may not always understand his words, his words are so alluring. I occasionally like to pick up classics also my reading is a little all over the place. Haha wow answered this in as authors instead of genres, so some subcategories in this area I enjoy pretty much anything not too much mushy. I could spend hours talking about books, but I’m not really sure if I have a specific genre. To name just a couple of authors I really enjoy, Laura Faria Stolarz, Sarah Dessen, and Holly Black and for this holiday season I have 10 books coming my way, all by authors I have not read yet so I’m excited!
8) What is the one thing you want to tell the world the most?

Don’t let people tell you, you can not do something, if it is a passion of yours and it does not cause harm to society or anyone go for it! Also, despite what I write I have not always been love’s number one cheerleader (my inner band member just shuddered), and I really don’t have the best luck in it myself, but it’s out there and people should not ever give up on it.

Thanks, Ottilie! HUGGELS!

Ok, you can check out her blog here and her book here!

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