Monday, January 17, 2011

Surprise Post!

So, since I don't have a review for today, I thought I would post a piece of writing that I did in the 9th grade. Let me know what you guys think...I know it needs tweaking, but it is just so cool to know that I did this so many years ago. it goes!

Lyone knelt down next to the campfire, while she probed about the smoldering coals laid out of the fire. She knew that the guard would be coming soon to see what the smoke was coming from and that she would have to leave the cozy fire, but until she heard hooves pounding against the cold hard ground she would not leave to the safety of the forest. She only wished that she had the company of someone, or something. Just as she was drifting off into her own thoughts and troubles she heard the pounding and whinnying of the horses. Not wanting to budge she forced herself to flee into the forest surrounding her. The damp coldness chilled her as she left the fire. By the time she got into the forest she was shivering. She never knew that winters could be so cold. The forest reminded her of the rides that her mother and little sister just a few days ago enjoyed together. Her home, her mother, and her wonderful little sister Marie, oh god how she missed them dreadfully. She only wished that she could take back every horrible thing she had ever done, or said to them. But she couldn’t. No, it was too late for that now; it would be impossible. She forced herself to quit thinking of her family and home in fear of the tears that it would bring.

She noticed that he looked like a proud knight as he sat astride his monster of a horse as he yelled his orders to the shimmering knights. As he leaped off of his horse she was sure that she had been spotted behind the tree. She immediately flattened herself against the tree that she was now unconsciously gripping as tight as she could. Holding her breath as he
walked towards her she noticed that he hadn’t seen her after all, and that he was looking into the forest for movement of the traitor that had supposedly tried to set fire to his Masters beloved forest.

Lyone laughed to herself and proclaimed: you idiot! Who would be stupid enough to try to do something like that, if they were caught they would be hanged, and did he not notice that it was freezing out? “He surly must be stupid,” she murmured aloud. Her eyes widened when she noticed the crime that she had just committed. The huge beast-like man then proceeded toward her. Listening For another giveaway to where she was. She was determined not to do so. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity in silence as she wished that he would leave so that she could breath again, but he just stood there, staring.

She obviously hadn’t noticed that he was staring at her. She looked like a goddess. In fact he was so stunned by her immense beauty he couldn’t move from his spot. He could not speak nor move, much less breathe; he was in total awe.


Logan E. Turner said...

This sounds like a really fun story! I love it! More please!

Holly said...

Ah, 9th grade! The time of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress.

You're off to a good start. I'm intrigued...

Aylee said...

Fun! Everything I wrote in grade 9 was so lame... I would never post it on the internet.

Jessica K. said...

lol! This story captivated me for years. Especially during math, whenever I wasn't! While cleaning over the weekend I came across it and had the best time looking back at all this work I did so long ago. I remember my english teacher busting me, and then insisted on reading it. Needless to say she just wanted me to write the rest of the year....and I got an A. lol! Ahh..memories!

Ani Raye said...

lol, Jessica! Wish I was still taking English. Engineering is sooo insensitive to writing...but still there are still Professors at my college who look into my notebooks during free hours and try to read!
This is a fun story by the way, keep writing!

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